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One of the most popular and in demand type of instruments the guitars. It is played in every place like restaurants, bands and concerts, schools and everywhere you can think of. As it is the kind of musical instrument that is easy to play with strings and an 8-year-old kid can strum a perfect piece because it is a very friendly kind of instrument.

You ay see that there are a lot of different types of guitars that musicians play. These different types of guitars would also play a different type of music intended for their kind. Here are the different types of guitars you need to know:

  1. Classical Guitar – this is the most common type of guitar, especially for the beginners. Strings are made of nylon, and the sound of it would fit its kind of look. It has a warm, cool and inviting kind of sound which you can play it nicely in a sitting position.
  2. Electric Guitar – this kind of guitar is mostly played during band concerts. This usually has a sharp and long sound. This usually is partnered with the amplifiers. This type of guitar is usually heavy as these are made of solid body kind of material.
  3. Flamenco Guitars – this is the same as the classic guitar, shape, and structure but their sound is different. This produces a crispier and thinner kind of sound.
  4. Acoustic Bass- this type of guitar is a mix of classic and electric type of guitar. This does not use amplifiers but only the natural body sound of a classic guitar. Classic guitars have four strings while the acoustic bass has five strings.
  5. Resonator – this is the same as the top steel guitar. The sound that it produces is distinct. The blues music usually uses this resonator guitar. This type of guitar is held like that of a classic guitar.
  6. 12 String guitar – this type of guitar has 12 strings instead of the normal six strings. This type of guitar can produce may sound like no any other guitars can copy,
  7. Steel Top Guitar- this type of guitar has the same sound with that of a classic guitar. This is encased in steel and the reason why this is durable and strong. The sound is warmer than that of a classic guitar.
  8. Arch top Guitars – the most pricey of all guitars, this type of guitar has a quality sound that is deep and has an f-hole design which is responsible for the deep sound. The jazz players are the usual players of these guitars.

Now you know that there are a lot of different kinds of guitars. You need to know which type of guitar you would want to play and what type of guitar you are familiar with. Make a research and canvass of the price before purchasing your kind of guitar. As this can help you learn about the kind of guitar you are playing as each is very different from one another.